How to integrate more ad networks in MoPub?

If you’re an MoPub user, and want to integrate more ad networks without adding seperate SDK or Ad Code for each app, this guide is for you.

  1. Login to your MoPub account.
  2. Click “Networks”.
  3. Here I will show you example of integrating AdColony into MoPub.

After you enter some basic details that you got from AdColony during signup, you’ll see a screen as shown above. This is a basic configuration screen which confirms you’ve successfully integrated the adnetwork into MoPub.

Once you get screen shown above, move to Auto CPM preferences tab, and keep the configurations like shown below.

After that, move to the important part of this setup, that is App & Ad Unit Setup, which you’ll need to configure to enable ad serving from the network you integrated into your MoPub account.

Here app and zone ID are terms used by AdColony to identify an app, the name can be different in other ad networks. To get an App & Zone IDs, login to your AdColony dashboard, and setup your app details there.

Please keep in mind that there is no limit on adding ad networks but you can add only one account from each network.

Advantage of integrating other ad networks into MoPub

The advantage of integrating other ad networks into MoPub is, you will not need to integrate ad codes for each network seperately, and Google also doesn’t promote apps with so many ad codes, instead, if you integrate ad networks into MoPub, it will start working like an ad rotator, and start serving ads randomly from all the networks that you’ve.

The less ad codes you’ve, the lighter your app is, so I recommend you to integrate all your ad networks with MoPub, and use only their SDK, it will give you good results.

Note : Your app MUST be listed on Google Play if you want it to monetize with MoPub.

Kartik Gambhir is a Delhi-based entrepreneur and a passionate digital marketer. He found his love for the modern world technologies & decided to explore the industry to its fullest potential. He holds a Diploma in Hardware & Networking. He has worked with various blockchain companies & helped them grow with his strategic planning skills. He enjoys listening to audiobooks in his leisure time.

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