Personal Data Of 267 Mn Facebook Users Up For Sale Online for INR 42K

In the second event of a violation, a database with the private information of over 267 Mn Facebook users had been discovered to be marketed online for approximately INR 42K. Threat Intelligence Platform, Cyble was the very first to report regarding the Facebook breach. In the blog, Cyble showed that private data such as email addresses, titles, Facebook IDs, dates of arrival, and telephone numbers were available from the database. Cyble maintained that the information had been confirmed by its investigators by buying it.

Meanwhile, the Cyble noted that no passwords had been vulnerable. However, experts have the opinion that the info is sufficient to fuel a dollar Millionaire scam. The data that is available may help hackers to churn out info. At this phase, Cyble isn’t mindful of the way the information obtained leaked. The US-based start-up said it might be on account of web scratching or leakage from third party software program interface (API). It’s used for gambling, competition analysis, and market study.

Cyble, at the website, advocated users to better their privacy preferences of Facebook profiles. Additionally, it has guided users to be careful of text messages and emails. “We’re indexing the information at our dim net tracking platform, and retail customers may get it through,” Cyble added.

At a similar episode in December 2019, personal information of 267 Mn Facebook users has been subjected online with no passwords or other authentication. Scientists have discovered that the database has been even misuse of a Facebook API or the consequence of an operation that was scratching by hackers in Vietnam. In reaction, Facebook had stated it is probable that the data was obtained prior to the modifications it created in a previous couple of years to guard people’s data.


Incidents of information breaches aren’t just confined to Facebook, but its own subsidiaries — Instagram and WhatsApp — have remained part of the data breach. During October this past year,” WhatsApp was discovered to participate with a data breach episode that jeopardized the privacy of more than a dozen consumers, that included academicians, attorneys, journalists and activists around India. In cases like this, spyware was utilized by hackers.

Pegasus was supposed to steal private information from the mobile apparatus of the planet’s richest person — Jeff Bezos. To orchestrating the hacked government had been alleged by the creator of Amazon on. These incidents signify Facebook cares about the safety of information of its customers.

Kartik Gambhir is a Delhi-based entrepreneur and a passionate digital marketer. He found his love for the modern world technologies & decided to explore the industry to its fullest potential. He holds a Diploma in Hardware & Networking. He has worked with various blockchain companies & helped them grow with his strategic planning skills. He enjoys listening to audiobooks in his leisure time.

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