TikTok Founder gave a Controversial Statement against India. – Reality Revealed

From the past few days, a cyberwar is going between participants of two renowned platforms, YouTube & TikTok. This cyberwar is being called as YouTube vs TikTok. Before this war, TikTok was also charged against leaking data of US users to China.

YouTube is a Google owned online video-sharing platform & TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming.

Participants who create & share content on YouTube are called YouTubers, on the other hand, TikTok influencers are known as TikTokers.

Amid this cyberwar, TikTok has experienced huge downfall in its usage & ratings on Google owned Android Marketplace, Google Play. Over the past 7 days, it’s rating has fell down from 4.5 stars to 1.3 stars(as on 20 May, 2020 | 09:00 AM).

ByteDance owned video-sharing social networking service TikTok has also seen many accounts being deleted which include popular creators, actors & influencers also.

Along with this, an image is being posted by various social media accounts from people based in India which claims that a controversial statement is given by TikTok’s Founder Zhang Yiming in which he has indirectly called Indian citizens unemployed & stilted. That image is also being forwarded on a large scale through Facebook owned Instant messaging platform WhatsApp in various languages, which majorly consists English & Hindi. In addition to the controversial statement image, they also add that people can search it on Google to verify the accuracy, which literally nobody would have done so far in this case. You can see the sample image below

TikTok Founder

Though, when I saw this image on WhatsApp status of few contacts, I tried to hunt the internet for a verifiable source of information which authenticates the statement given by Zhang Yiming. After scratching my head for hours on Internet, I found only one most recent exclusive interview with Reuters by TikTok founder, that too dated in March 2020, in which he has nowhere given any such statement.

People are blindly sharing whatever they get to see, without even trying to verify the source of information. There are lots of ways to defame a person or organisation, but atleast we should not spread hate speech & statements which are not even said by the person being referred.

I’m not supporting TikTok but being a Digital Marketing Expert, it’s my responsibility to make people aware of the truth. At last, I would request you all, please verify source of information before you share or forward something.

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Kartik Gambhir is a Delhi-based entrepreneur and a passionate digital marketer. He found his love for the modern world technologies & decided to explore the industry to its fullest potential. He holds a Diploma in Hardware & Networking. He has worked with various blockchain companies & helped them grow with his strategic planning skills. He enjoys listening to audiobooks in his leisure time.

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